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Rover Scout Problem

noun | plural Rover Scout Problems


\ˈrō-vər\ˈskau̇t\ˈprä-bləm, -bəm, -ˌblem\


The challenges that come with being a (Rover) Scout - or just any other kind of Scout. From the perks to the problematic, a 20-something Australian Scout blogs about the good and the bad. Because why not?

Active on social media, RoverScoutProblems is an Australian Scout blogging about all kinds of Scouting experiences.
The 'Problems' and 'Perks' are for a laugh; don't take them too seriously.

Upcoming adventures:

 - KISC Pinkie (Winter 2017)

 - World Scout Moot 2017 (IST Member)

Rover on!